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Our Programs:

Though supporting clients with Autism is our forte, Eric’s House provides client-specific day programming for a broad spectrum of disabilities. We consist of programs that give clients a chance to experience adulthood through hands on learning. The programs include such themes as life skills, academics, safety, and relationships. Our programs are designed to cater to the specific needs of each individual with the goal of helping all clients find success in life, regardless of their obstacles.
Seeing the Abilities in Disabilities:

The staff here at Eric’s House are well-educated caregivers, teachers, and aides specially trained to work with clients dealing with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other developmental disabilities.
We give our clients a chance to develop various life skills through hands-on community based approaches as well as structured in-class learning. In-class learning will be provided on a one-on-one basis with personalized academics. Our staff are knowledgeable, understanding, and compassionate, each having worked in the industry for many years with a variety of clientele.

In-House Entertainment and Activities:

A large part of our goal to educate and build confidence in our clients includes socializing everyone in a positive community and creating a safe space for them to have fun!Our in-house entertainment such as our theatre, swings, and games are meant to make our clients comfortable and to keep them looking forward to their days spent with us.Our various socializing and enrichment exercises are comprised of life skills classes, music therapy sessions, and physical therapies to help keep our clients’ bodies and minds healthy while encouraging them to thrive in their communities. We believe that positively cultivating willpower and promoting resolution in each individual will help them to overcome their limitations.

Outdoor Recreational Excursions:

Though our in-house activities encourage socialization amongst peers, Eric’s House also provides off-site tours and excursions for individuals inclined towards more physical activities.The outings we schedule are planned for the purpose of bettering each individual’s social skills outside of Eric’s House within the community. These activities promote proper social etiquette and are a chance to take their life skills lessons outside of the classroom and into the community. Not only are these outings educational, but they are also safe, fun, and exciting ways for our clients to experience new things and the educational adventures Calgary has to offer.

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